Fear The Masses

Your Favorite Government's Newest Problem

Official website for the New Haven CT based band Fear The Masses.


An intense combination of hip hop and post-hardcore, Fear the Masses embody the spirit and unrest of today's society. Influenced by (hed) p.e., Rage Against the Machine, and KRS-One, for their stance on social and political injustice, Fear the Masses ignites the crowd with passionately, powerful vocals mixed with a groove not heard in this heavy style of music.

Fear the Masses is a politically and socially driven band based out of the New Haven area of CT. Using hardcore and metal grooves under a hip-hop and soul vocals the band hopes to convey a message of unrest that has shaped this nation as of late. All the members of the band come from completely different backgrounds not just musically but economically and socially. These differences allow the group to have a unique sound and point of view that gets the crowd going each and every show. Fear the Masses (F.T.M.) draws comparisons to Rage Against the Machine, (Hed) p.e., and Deftones all of which are only part of the experience that Fear the Masses brings to their live show. The band has opened for national acts including Sevendust, Nonpoint, Taproot, Lacuna Coil, (Hed) p.e., Drowning Pool, Butcher Babies, Flyleaf, Eye Empire, In This Moment, Coal Chamber, Three Years Hollow, and Mushroomhead to name a few. Currently Fear the Masses is looking to tour in the New England area and beyond.


Self-Titled Album "Fear the Masses" (2012)
Track Listing
1.Wake Up The Masses
2.Black Or Blue
3.Make Me Your Leader
4.Battle For Control
6.Asylum Street Soldiers
7.Making Lies For War
10.Wake Up The Masses (Remix)*
                        Featuring Logic and Emjay

Sophomore Release "Rise" (2013)

Track Listing
1. Make Me Your Leader
2. Behind Your Walls
3. Censor This
4. Rise
5. Protector
6. Revolutionists (featuring Joey Batts)
7. Vigilante